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Making your products ready to market

As a packaging company our reach is not limited, we are able to take our business to all sorts of industries expanding throughout the country.   


Moreover, the wide selection of products we offer looks into broadening your market through premium packaging & care.  


Our cups are primarily used in the dairy business for packing and sealing purposes which maintains the freshness & healthiness of your dairies.

Paints / Lubricants

In the market of paints & lubricants, we offer pails of various proportions that are tightly secured & shields off any outside particles.

Not to mention the handles we use for the pails do not break easily and can support a heavy quantity of paints & lubricants.

Sweets & Confectionarie

Our wide array of cup products are excelling in the sweet & confectionery section as these cups are valued for more than just storing tools.

In addition, our products provide a touch of quality in your sweets & confectioneries that ensures in keeping your consumers happily satisfied.

Kitchen items

We recently joined in the line of making kitchen tools & utensils such as disposable spoons, forks, cups, and even plates

As we are just exploring this field, we are slowly but surely advancing our products in the market and make a mark in the catering business.

Plant Pots

The industry of plant pots has never experienced our high-end products. We provide plastic pots for flowers and plants, which is a better alternative than clay pots.

Our plant pots are custom-tailored, solid, and durable. These pots are capable of outliving your plants and can also be reused.