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About US

Exceeding expectations through continuous improvements

Neo Packaging Industry Pvt. Ltd is a reputed manufacturer of various plastic packaging materials used for the purpose of industrylevel packaging, especially focusing on the dairy sectorThe range of products we offer are small pails cups for ice cream, yogurt, and sweet products.


We use highquality imported virgin plastic raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing our goods which infuses it with the qualities of strength and safety. We have our very own exclusive designers for the creation of quality artwork and design, keeping in mind the needs of our clients.


Established in the year 2017, our company visions to take the packaging industry of the country further to the next level by providing quality products at affordable pricing under our slogan; 

Quality Meets Affordability

With a state-of-the-art infrastructural facility based at Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, the company consistently strives to make a mark in the market.  

Quality Assurance

We function with high-quality food-grade Poly Propylene Copolymers, suitable for containers used in the packaging of food items. We have effective measures of checking & analyzing in order to avoid any lapses or risks during the operation that would impact the quality of the products.


The Company has state-of-the-art facilities which are engaged in the process of manufacturing our A1 products. We use high-quality injection molding machines and printing machines that enable us to enhance our efficiency to serve our clients with speed & quality.

Further our products are ready for delivery to our clients only after it has been checked and assured that they are flawless and fit for delivery

We strive to touch everyone’s lives by providing innovative packaging solutions through affordable and high-quality products.


We remain committed throughout the mission and for the purpose of our being.


Conduct our business in accordance with the highest standard of professional behavior & ethics, putting trust, transparency and honesty at the center of our work.


We provide affordable products and services without compromising on the quality in-order to exceed our customer’s expectation.


We believe in strong and long-term relationship with our customers, employees, suppliers and all the other stakeholders for continuous progress & achievement of the company.


The health & safety of our professionals along with the protection of our community are our highest priorities. At Neo, we work to meet or exceed the highest standards of environmental and safety performance.


We continuously strive to make packaging simpler, faster and user friendly. We foster a work environment where creative thinking is encouraged and rewarded.

Our Team

Neo’s dedicated and professional team of experts are very much the heart of our business. Our team consists of dedicated and skilled employees who have a wealth of knowledge in this line of business. Each one of our highly skilled and valued employees plays a part in ensuring that you are supplied with high quality products on time and with outstanding customer service to back it all up.

The company functions under a strong operational structure. Entire operation of the business is managed under six key functional units viz. Production Unit, Accounts & Finance, Stock & Sales, Promotion & Marketing, Repair & Maintenance and Quality Assurance.

Overall operation is managed by Company Manager under the oversight and guidance of Company Executive Directors. Each function is supervised and managed by supervisors who are responsible for their role and accountable to the Company Manager.